photo credit: Matthew Lasala

Since graduating from the Oregon School of Massage in 2005, I have worked extensively in sports therapy, chiropractic assistance, and injury recovery and prevention.  As a lifelong athlete myself, I understand the needs and stresses of a body pushed to its limits, and specialize in helping athletes of all levels maintain a healthy body able to consistently and repeatedly train and perform at its best.

my practice

Massage is not just about the releasing of tension in a select group of muscles; it’s about addressing the body as a whole by listening to its—and your—needs. I work with you, both before you rest on my table and during, as we listen to what your body tells us, building a practice that is personal, adaptive, and focused. As we build this relationship over time, I draw from years of experience, and a myriad of techniques, to adapt my practice to the particular needs of your body on this particular day. Each session is both unique and part of a holistic process that heals, maintains, educates and prepares your body.