Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue focuses not only on the muscles themselves, but on the health of the tendons and ligaments that connect this musculature to your body.  Through focused, slow pressure on key points, deep tissue techniques help release chronic tension and soreness by softening rigid tissue that forms over time in response to muscle stress. These ‘adhesions’ can cause pain and inflammation, limiting motion and efficiency.

Myofascial Release (Active Release)

Fascia is a type of tissue that acts as a lubricated sheath that keeps various muscle groups, nerves and blood vessels separate and able to glide across each other. Time, stress and exercise can cause this sheath to damage, which can lead to pain and reduced movement. By applying proper pressure and motion, massage helps break up the scar tissue that forms around these damaged points, promoting further healing and ease of movement.

Movement therapy

Muscles and ligaments work in an expand-contract process to keep the body aligned and in efficient motion. When problem areas arise, the body can compensate by protecting one area through compensation in another, which can lead to misalignment and unbalance. If untreated, small compensations like this can result in larger issues of joint pain, back pain and poor athletic performance. Movement Therapy incorporates massage practice with the biomechanics of your body, working your musculature system in conjunction with motion to help your body realign.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy focuses on the “knots” that form in your muscles through excessive tension. The chronic tightening of specific muscles—from stress, posture, or the demands of exercise—can cause certain muscle fibers to seize and refuse to unlock, falling out of sync with the normal expansion and contraction of movement and causing pain. Trigger Point Therapy works these pain points by elongating the muscle and encouraging it to ‘release’.

Swedish Massage

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go hard. get massage. repeat.

go hard. get massage. repeat.

Each session, we work together to understand the needs of your body on this day. To respond to these needs, I utilize the techniques of myofascial release, movement therapy, active release, deep tissue, and Swedish massage. Together we establish a comfortable, collaborative environment that encourages your mind and body to relax and be receptive to treatment.

Recovery. Maintenance. Preparation. For athletes of any level, proper body care is essential to reaching, and sustaining, performance. Through exercise, muscles fatigue and build up of tension and stress, which can inhibit the healing process and lengthen recovery time, making further hard efforts difficult. I work with you to target problem areas, rebalance supporting muscle groups, minimize fatigue and promote muscular healing and development.

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